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Placida artist & art gallery
A very unique & colorful art gallery experience
in the heart of  Placida Florida
Unique Art gallery in Placida Florida
Unique Artwork by Placida Florida Artist Jon Hatch
sculpture & driftwood sculpture

One of a kind 
driftwood sculpture
nautical signs
Rustic & creative 
original art & designs
Unique one of a kind artwork
Key west style 3-D artwork
Painted sea chests & footlockers
Original driftwood art
Island Art
Unique driftwood creations

Visit Placida Artist Jon Hatch in his art gallery in Placida Florida


Unique Art gallery in Placida Florida


3D Metal Art
  1/8 inch steel   -   3' - 6'  long




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Meet Tropical Artist Jon Hatch in his gallery

The Hatch Gallery
13060 Fishery Rd
Placida, FL  33946

(941) 697-9531

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Contact Jon Hatch at his art gallery in Placida Florida

Jon Hatch
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Hatch Gallery is now featured in the December 2008 Expressions Magazine -  WGCU Public Media with an article named "Nature's Cast-offs" by feature writer Kathy Y Futch.  Hatch Gallery is noted 
for it's Key West style furniture, painted sea chests and footlockers... 
as well as his one of a kind driftwood art which now labels him a true "Recycle Artist". Placida artist Jon Hatch is becoming more well known each year.  Last year he had one of his unique one-of-a-kind artworks auctioned off at the Smithsonian Institute.

One of a kind originals - Colorful  Wood  with Imagination - Driftwood Creations

Rustic colorful signs - Key West style island furniture - One of a kind handcrafted designs

Driftwood Art - Nautical designs - Tarpon - Dolphin - Mermaids - Fish - Abstracts

In Placida - Just south of Englewood Florida  -  Placida Florida Artist  - Driftwood Sculpture


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